Poweramp build-976

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New Features

  • prev./next category actions for Media Buttons
  • AutoEq presets/devices database update
  • visualization latency is now also applied to lyrics for a better time synchronization
  • new Apply OP High Framerate option
    For Oppo/OnePlus/Nothing phone devices
  • added support for Spinorama txt presets importing
  • Target SDK updated to 33 due to the Google Play requirements. This causes the following changes, restrictions, and requirements:

    Play edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option is not supported anymore on Android 13+. The support is removed by Google.
      Please use Music Folders dialog to enable/add appropriate folders with the music to Poweramp Library
      Android doesn’t allow certain folders to be added this way, including /Downloads or storage root. This limitation is set by Google. Please try adding subfolders instead

    Website (-uni-) edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option now requires All Files Access permission on Android 13+
      All Files Access permission also makes more file types (previously invisible in File Access Legacy Mode) available for Poweramp, such as .CUE files

    All editions:
    • Android 13+ shows media notification differently for the Target SDK 33 apps
      • the buttons are always unified with other media controllers, such as Android Auto or watches
      • by default additional Shuffle/Close/Repeat/etc. buttons are enabled, but notification shows just first 2 of these
      • the buttons can be further customized via Media Buttons
      • depending on the firmware, the look of the notification is slightly changed
    • Keep Media Notification renamed to Keep Inactive Media Notification (Android 11+)
    • Keep Notification option now always keeps notification on all supported Androids (5-14)
      This option does not keep service in all cases if Keep Service is disabled, or on Android 13+
    • Keep Service option now affects player service on all supported Androids (5-14)
      • the option moved from Misc to Notifications settings page
      • on Android 8+ this option works reliable only when Keep Notification is enabled and notification is visible
    • Always Keep Notification option is removed
    • Android 13+ notification/Android Auto icons updated to match system media icons
    • search and filtering in the equalizer preset list
      • User/Built-in/AutoEq, Graphic/Parametric, Assigned filters available
      • Device button to search for the currently connected device preset
  • new equalizer features ported from the Poweramp Equalizer app:
    • AutoEq presets are preinstalled and available via preset list
      • search can be used to find appropriate device preset
      • AutoEq presets are locked from being changed by default
      • preset list doesn’t always load all the entries to keep UI fast
      • AutoEq presets are suggested on the device connection
        • AutoEq preset can be graphic and/or parametric, with the different frequency response measurement (for example, Harman in-ear, Innerfidelity, etc.)preset can be immediately checked and assigned to the deviceAutoEq is suggested only if no preset is selected/assigned yet for the devicenew Suggest AutoEq Presets optionnew Reset the Disabled AutoEq Suggestions option
      • Import AutoEq Presets option can be used to import/update all the AutoEq presets in bulk
    • graphic and parametric presets can be applied freely
      • equalizer mode (graphic/parametric) is defined by the preset
      • removed Equalizer Type option
    • presets can be locked to avoid accidental change
      • parametric preset allows locking the individual bands
      • graphic preset is locked as a whole
    • preset autosave is not forced for Parametric mode anymore
      • when autosave is disabled, changes are automatically saved into the Default preset
      • when autosave is enabled, changes are automatically saved into the currently selected preset
    • new equalizer screen menu
      Added new actions and actions previously available in the preset list
    • new skin option – Eq. Graphic Mode Curve
  • File Access Legacy Mode option moved from Misc to Library settings page
  • fixed issue with the Album Artist tag in FLAG/OGG and issue with the certain UTF16 encodings in ID3v2 tags
    Full Rescan may be required for such tags to update
  • improved configurable +Playlist, >>Queue, >Playlist list action buttons
  • improved mp3 mixed encoded tag parsing (requires Full Rescan)
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • updated translations – huge thanks to all Crowdin translators!

Poweramp build-956

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New Features

  • new Lyrics area
    • available on swipe up from main screen or via lyrics button
    • configurable via Settings
    • synchronized lyrics tag (SYLT) and LRC files are supported, as well as unsynchronized lyrics
      Use Rescan Lyrics Tags option to pick up previously unrecognized lyrics tags
    • pinch to zoom in lyrics view to change a font size
    • new API for 3rd party lyrics plugins
    • as previously, missing lyrics can be further searched in 3rd party apps

  • widgets and widget configurator update
    • more advanced options for widgets on Android 12+ such as corner radiuses, new fonts, shadows, paddings, etc.
    • widget Material U colors for Android 12+
    • new widget presets for Android 12+
    • previous widget styles may require minor adjustments

  • new options
    • Seekbar in Navbar
    • Layout – Full Cover
      Moves all track labels and buttons below cover. Works best on long screen phones
    • Track Labels
    • Labels Background
    • No Background for Navbar
    • List Background
    • Lyrics Background
    • Custom URL for Preferred Lyrics App
  • PowerampAPI now exposes track extras on top intent level to simplify Tasker automations
  • added Bengali, updated translations – huge thanks to all Crowdin translators!

Poweramp build-945

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New Features

  • Themed App Icon support for Android 13
  • improved hi-res support for Snapdragon based devices @ Android 11/12
  • improved hi-res support for Pixel devices @ Android 12/13
  • improved output sample rate/format bit width detection
  • fixes/improvements for Android 13
  • new Bottom buttons option
    Makes shuffle, play, select, etc. buttons more accessible in the lower part of screen

  • tracks and other items range selection in lists
    • while in the selection mode Range button toggles checked state between the first and the last checked item
    • while in the selection mode long pressing selects all items between previously checked item and long pressed item

  • new Playlist Insert Position, Queue Insert Position, Play Next Insert Position options
    • modes can be changed by long pressing action button in the selection menu
    • + Playlist dialog also has modes selection
    • Shuffled mode mixes items randomly with the existing items, preferable after the currently played track

  • search page has quick category filter buttons on top

    Long press on search category button to search just that category

  • new settings/data export/import options:
    • per-device/per-song preset assignments
    • folder/playlist list memory
    • bookmarks

  • max. parametric band frequency increased to 24kHz

  • whitespace could be used as a split symbol now
  • new Header Buttons option
  • new Pause on Screen Off option
    • Experimental option for Android car head units
  • added year/album sort for tracks

Poweramp build-933

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Builds 926-933:

  • new Shuffle Randomization option
    The option gradually prioritizes the least played tracks. Also the least played Albums, Genres, Playlists, non-hierarchy Folders, etc. are prioritized.
    Shuffle for Hierarchy Folders, 2nd level Albums prioritizes child lists as previously, tracks inside those categories are prioritized by the least played.
    Queue prioritizes the least played if shuffled via header Shuffle button.
    Shuffle for lists with only a few items is purely random as previously
  • new Category Items Shuffle option
    Replaces previous Shuffle Category Songs option
  • Shuffle All Songs In Folder Hierarchy shuffle mode is not reset by rescans anymore
  • items added to playlist or Queue now also automatically shuffled if Shuffle (songs) mode is active
    Added songs are shuffled after the first unplayed item
  • items added via Play Next now never shuffled and always played in order
    Shuffle button in Queue header still re-shuffles all Queue items
  • max preamp increased to +12dB
  • max parametric Q factor increased to 12
  • new options to change Bass and Treble tone frequency and Q
  • Legacy File Access is now enabled on Android upgrade if needed
  • added Material You styled app icons (Pixel and inverted Samsung variants)
    Android 12+
    Pixel launcher refreshes icon color (if changed) only after reboot
  • improved large playlists saving where system media scanner may require a lot of time to process
    System scanner still takes 50+ms per playlist entry, so large playlist may take a lot of system resources to process. System scanner always scans changed/new files. Consider using .nomedia file in the playlist folder if large playlists are used
  • fixed few issues with 3rd party skins @ Android 12
  • added workarounds for legacy Ducktamine skins
  • Absolute Volume detection improvements
  • added bold font for widgets
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Poweramp build-925

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Builds 922-925:

  • Music Folders selection improvements
    • both legacy file paths and separately added folders (Legacy File Access) are supported now
      This may cause duplications if same folder checked as a legacy storage and as a folder
    • selected unavailable storages and folders are shown now and can be deleted
    • Music Folders selection option for Export/Import Settings/Data
  • re-enabled Legacy File Access option on Android 12(L)
  • long press on Settings in the main menu opens Settings Search
  • new Search Track Titles option
  • Volume Levels option disabled for Android 12 as volume provider functionality is currently broken in Android 12
  • improved Audio Focus processing for Samsungs @ Android 12
  • better Bluetooth-to-Bluetooth audio route change handling
  • “Cast to” dialog devices list can be pinch-to-zoomed now
  • fixed issue with Folders Hierarchy song titles for Auto
  • fixed issue with stream deletion from playlists
  • workaround for a crash on Samsung S9(+) @ Android 8
  • workaround for Play bundle missing resources causing crash on some devices or for some 3rd party skins
  • other minor bug fixes
  • translations updates

Builds 912-921:

  • Target SDK bump to 31 (Android 12) due to the Play store requirement
    • numerous internal refactorings related to the new Target SDK
    • Bluetooth functionality on Android 12 requires a new permission. Note that Android 12 names the Bluetooth permission as “Nearby devices”. Poweramp doesn’t use any location info
    • APK size slightly increased due to the Target SDK and build tools update, though size on the device is the same or less as resources.arsc is not extracted anymore
    • some 3rd party skins may have minor glitches and require rebuilding due to the new build tools
  • Music Folders selection improvements for multiple separate “root” folders
    On Android 11+, it’s not possible to select root of the storage or Downloads folder anymore due to Android limitation. Multiple subfolders (including Downloads subfolders) can be added independently
  • new Rounded Corners option
    Similar to Android 12 rounding, enabled by default
  • new Stretch Overscroll option
    Similar to Android 12 overscroll effect, enabled by default
  • new Material You colors option
    Android 12+ only
  • various other small improvements for Android 12
  • new Export/Import Settings/Data
    • these now export/import not just Poweramp settings, but also data such as album art, playlists, streams, and track statistics
    • exported file is compatible with old Poweramp builds if none of the new options selected
  • cold start improvements
  • slow to mount SD cards are better handled now
  • translations updates

Poweramp build-911

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Builds 906-911:

  • new equalizer features ported from the Poweramp Equalizer app:
    • Parametric Equalizer Mode
      • configurable parameters allow high level of sound customization with just a few bands
      • initially empty, bands added/removed/organized by user
      • band parameters:
        • type
          • Low Pass/High Pass – passes the signal starting from the defined frequency, resonant with higher Q factor
          • Low Shelf/High Shelf – similar to Low Pass/High Pass with a flatter frequency response
          • Band Pass – passes the signal around user defined frequency
          • Peaking Band – narrower version of the Band Pass
        • channels – applies band to the left, right, or both channels
        • gain – the amplification of the band, may be negative
        • frequency – the center/cutoff point of the band
        • Q – bandwidth and the resulting frequency response curve for the band
      • bands have user configurable background color for easier identification
      • parametric presets are separate from the graphic ones
      • parametric mode has Auto save always enabled, changes are auto saved to the currently selected preset
      • <Default preset> (the implicit preset which is used when no preset selected) is visible in the preset list, but can\’t be deleted/renamed
    • presets now always have tone (Bass/Treble) stored in them
      • built-in presets may also have tone values – usually at 0
      • few tone-only presets added
    • knob values can be edited via long press
    • preset sharing/import/export via long press in preset list
      Presets saved/loaded in JSON format
    • presets also can be imported by opening via file manager
    • both Poweramp/Poweramp Equalizer .json and AutoEQ .txt files are supported
      AutoEQ graphic and parametric formats supported and imported to the graphic or parametric presets appropriately.
      Poweramp adds +6dB to AutoEQ graphic gains
  • search history
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

Poweramp build-905

Download Poweramp v3


Build 905:

  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

Build 904:

  • new experimental option Prefer Track Cover for Streams
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

Build 903:

  • fixed issue with all files matching in file managers

Build 902:

  • Background Blur set to 0 with Background Details set to 10 result in hi-resolution background now
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

Build 901:

  • support for the new Android Auto tabs UI
  • multiple tags are joined with “;” for mp4/m4a
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

Build 900:

  • new Unsplit Artists option
  • new option switchers in Settings
  • AAudio output works starting from Android 9
  • Recently Played time now updated only if track Counted as Played
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

Builds 895-899:

  • multiple Artists, Album Artists, Composers per track support
    • new Symbols to Split Multiple Artists option
      Applied to Album Artists as well
    • new Symbols to Split Multiple Composers option
    • new Show Unsplit Combined Categories option
  • Android Sharesheet is used for Send action
  • new Settings Font option
  • new Count As Played option
  • new Rounded option for Equalizer Screen Spectrum
  • new No Advance Category For Folders option
  • new Resume On Reopen option
  • new Keep Media Resume Notification option
    Android 11+.
    This option is disabled by default
  • spectrum (bars) visualizations are rendered in higher quality (screen resolution)
  • support for spectrum bar peaks visualization
  • new AAudio output
    Android 10+.
    On Samsungs, and MTK-based devices this output is Hi-Res capable on 3.5 output.
    On other devices, it’s similar to OpenSL/AudioTrack output – Hi-Res capable only for the Bluetooth
  • replay gain support for CUEs
    Full Rescan required
  • CUEs with the only one track are ignored now
    Improves support for noncompliant EAC cuesheets with pregaps
  • new Walkman Lyrics Exception option in Preferred Lyrics App
  • Wavpack non-standard sample rates support
  • multiple tags are joined with “;” for FLAC, Vorbis, APE

Poweramp build-893

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Builds 883-894:

  • new  bold font 
  • new equalizer features ported from the Poweramp Equalizer app:
    • configurable number of bands:
      •  fixed 5/8/10/12/15/16/24/31/32 
      • or  custom 5-32  with configurable start/end frequencies
    • preset autosaving
      Can be enabled by long-pressing the Save button or  via settings 
    • support for the  knob highlight option 
  •  presets export  to Poweramp Equalizer
    Poweramp Equalizer build 888+ required
  • support for UTF-8 in CUEs
  • Samsung “fine” volume 150 levels support
  • absolute volume detection on Android 10+
  • better support for 90Hz+ screens
  • better support for milk visualization presets
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates