Poweramp build-945

Download Poweramp v3

New Features

  • Themed App Icon support for Android 13
  • improved hi-res support for Snapdragon based devices @ Android 11/12
  • improved hi-res support for Pixel devices @ Android 12/13
  • improved output sample rate/format bit width detection
  • fixes/improvements for Android 13
  • new Bottom buttons option
    Makes shuffle, play, select, etc. buttons more accessible in the lower part of screen

  • tracks and other items range selection in lists
    • while in the selection mode Range button toggles checked state between the first and the last checked item
    • while in the selection mode long pressing selects all items between previously checked item and long pressed item

  • new Playlist Insert Position, Queue Insert Position, Play Next Insert Position options
    • modes can be changed by long pressing action button in the selection menu
    • + Playlist dialog also has modes selection
    • Shuffled mode mixes items randomly with the existing items, preferable after the currently played track

  • search page has quick category filter buttons on top

    Long press on search category button to search just that category

  • new settings/data export/import options:
    • per-device/per-song preset assignments
    • folder/playlist list memory
    • bookmarks

  • max. parametric band frequency increased to 24kHz

  • whitespace could be used as a split symbol now
  • new Header Buttons option
  • new Pause on Screen Off option
    • Experimental option for Android car head units
  • added year/album sort for tracks

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