Poweramp build-911

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Builds 906-911:

  • new equalizer features ported from the Poweramp Equalizer app:
    • Parametric Equalizer Mode
      • configurable parameters allow high level of sound customization with just a few bands
      • initially empty, bands added/removed/organized by user
      • band parameters:
        • type
          • Low Pass/High Pass – passes the signal starting from the defined frequency, resonant with higher Q factor
          • Low Shelf/High Shelf – similar to Low Pass/High Pass with a flatter frequency response
          • Band Pass – passes the signal around user defined frequency
          • Peaking Band – narrower version of the Band Pass
        • channels – applies band to the left, right, or both channels
        • gain – the amplification of the band, may be negative
        • frequency – the center/cutoff point of the band
        • Q – bandwidth and the resulting frequency response curve for the band
      • bands have user configurable background color for easier identification
      • parametric presets are separate from the graphic ones
      • parametric mode has Auto save always enabled, changes are auto saved to the currently selected preset
      • <Default preset> (the implicit preset which is used when no preset selected) is visible in the preset list, but can\’t be deleted/renamed
    • presets now always have tone (Bass/Treble) stored in them
      • built-in presets may also have tone values – usually at 0
      • few tone-only presets added
    • knob values can be edited via long press
    • preset sharing/import/export via long press in preset list
      Presets saved/loaded in JSON format
    • presets also can be imported by opening via file manager
    • both Poweramp/Poweramp Equalizer .json and AutoEQ .txt files are supported
      AutoEQ graphic and parametric formats supported and imported to the graphic or parametric presets appropriately.
      Poweramp adds +6dB to AutoEQ graphic gains
  • search history
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

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