Poweramp build-976

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New Features

  • prev./next category actions for Media Buttons
  • AutoEq presets/devices database update
  • visualization latency is now also applied to lyrics for a better time synchronization
  • new Apply OP High Framerate option
    For Oppo/OnePlus/Nothing phone devices
  • added support for Spinorama txt presets importing
  • Target SDK updated to 33 due to the Google Play requirements. This causes the following changes, restrictions, and requirements:

    Play edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option is not supported anymore on Android 13+. The support is removed by Google.
      Please use Music Folders dialog to enable/add appropriate folders with the music to Poweramp Library
      Android doesn’t allow certain folders to be added this way, including /Downloads or storage root. This limitation is set by Google. Please try adding subfolders instead

    Website (-uni-) edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option now requires All Files Access permission on Android 13+
      All Files Access permission also makes more file types (previously invisible in File Access Legacy Mode) available for Poweramp, such as .CUE files

    All editions:
    • Android 13+ shows media notification differently for the Target SDK 33 apps
      • the buttons are always unified with other media controllers, such as Android Auto or watches
      • by default additional Shuffle/Close/Repeat/etc. buttons are enabled, but notification shows just first 2 of these
      • the buttons can be further customized via Media Buttons
      • depending on the firmware, the look of the notification is slightly changed
    • Keep Media Notification renamed to Keep Inactive Media Notification (Android 11+)
    • Keep Notification option now always keeps notification on all supported Androids (5-14)
      This option does not keep service in all cases if Keep Service is disabled, or on Android 13+
    • Keep Service option now affects player service on all supported Androids (5-14)
      • the option moved from Misc to Notifications settings page
      • on Android 8+ this option works reliable only when Keep Notification is enabled and notification is visible
    • Always Keep Notification option is removed
    • Android 13+ notification/Android Auto icons updated to match system media icons
    • search and filtering in the equalizer preset list
      • User/Built-in/AutoEq, Graphic/Parametric, Assigned filters available
      • Device button to search for the currently connected device preset
  • new equalizer features ported from the Poweramp Equalizer app:
    • AutoEq presets are preinstalled and available via preset list
      • search can be used to find appropriate device preset
      • AutoEq presets are locked from being changed by default
      • preset list doesn’t always load all the entries to keep UI fast
      • AutoEq presets are suggested on the device connection
        • AutoEq preset can be graphic and/or parametric, with the different frequency response measurement (for example, Harman in-ear, Innerfidelity, etc.)preset can be immediately checked and assigned to the deviceAutoEq is suggested only if no preset is selected/assigned yet for the devicenew Suggest AutoEq Presets optionnew Reset the Disabled AutoEq Suggestions option
      • Import AutoEq Presets option can be used to import/update all the AutoEq presets in bulk
    • graphic and parametric presets can be applied freely
      • equalizer mode (graphic/parametric) is defined by the preset
      • removed Equalizer Type option
    • presets can be locked to avoid accidental change
      • parametric preset allows locking the individual bands
      • graphic preset is locked as a whole
    • preset autosave is not forced for Parametric mode anymore
      • when autosave is disabled, changes are automatically saved into the Default preset
      • when autosave is enabled, changes are automatically saved into the currently selected preset
    • new equalizer screen menu
      Added new actions and actions previously available in the preset list
    • new skin option – Eq. Graphic Mode Curve
  • File Access Legacy Mode option moved from Misc to Library settings page
  • fixed issue with the Album Artist tag in FLAG/OGG and issue with the certain UTF16 encodings in ID3v2 tags
    Full Rescan may be required for such tags to update
  • improved configurable +Playlist, >>Queue, >Playlist list action buttons
  • improved mp3 mixed encoded tag parsing (requires Full Rescan)
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • updated translations – huge thanks to all Crowdin translators!

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