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Poweramp build-939

➥ Download Poweramp v3 New Features new Bottom buttons optionMakes shuffle, play, select, etc. buttons more accessible in the lower part of screen tracks and other items range selection in lists while in the selection mode Range button toggles checked state between … Continue reading

Poweramp build-933

➥ Download Poweramp v3 Builds 926-933: new Shuffle Randomization optionThe option gradually prioritizes the least played tracks. Also the least played Albums, Genres, Playlists, non-hierarchy Folders, etc. are prioritized.Shuffle for Hierarchy Folders, 2nd level Albums prioritizes child lists as previously, … Continue reading

Poweramp build-925

➥ Download Poweramp v3   Builds 922-925: Music Folders selection improvements both legacy file paths and separately added folders (Legacy File Access) are supported nowThis may cause duplications if same folder checked as a legacy storage and as a folder … Continue reading

Poweramp build-911

➥ Download Poweramp v3   Builds 906-911: new equalizer features ported from the Poweramp Equalizer app: Parametric Equalizer Mode configurable parameters allow high level of sound customization with just a few bands initially empty, bands added/removed/organized by user band parameters: type Low … Continue reading

Poweramp build-905

➥ Download Poweramp v3   Build 905: bug fixes and stability improvements translations updates Build 904: new experimental option Prefer Track Cover for Streams bug fixes and stability improvements translations updates Build 903: fixed issue with all files matching in … Continue reading

Poweramp build-893

➥ Download Poweramp v3    Builds 883-894: new  bold font  new equalizer features ported from the Poweramp Equalizer app: configurable number of bands:  fixed 5/8/10/12/15/16/24/31/32  or  custom 5-32  with configurable start/end frequencies preset autosavingCan be enabled by long-pressing the Save … Continue reading