Poweramp v3 build-884

Download Poweramp v3

Builds 883-884:

  • Poweramp now uses the only track in folder for CUE, if track resolution otherwise failed
    This makes CUE resolution a bit more resilient to CUE errors
  • Play Next action is always enabled
  • new  Play Next: Start Queue  option
  • File Access Legacy Mode is also enabled for Android 11
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

Builds 875-882:

  • new Import Ratings option
    Poweramp now exports/imports track ratings via m3u8 playlists
  • new Network Stream Buffer option
  • new Play as Next option
  • new Bookmarks category
    Playlist for songs with the playback position stored. When enabled, Bookmark button appears in main track menu. Initially hidden, can be enabled via Library List Options
  • new small list zoom levels
  • new Show Title Only and Compact Header options in List Options
    For the relevant categories
  • new Hierarchy Files Zoom Level option
  • better Wired Hi-Res+DVC support for MIUI12 @ Android 10
  • Hi-Res for MTK Hi-Fi @ Android 10
    Tested on Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Poweramp API improvements
  • tracks By path sorting
  • Queue re-sorting
  • max. Tempo increased to 3x
  • +/- buttons for Tempo
  • min. Crossfade value reduced to 100ms
  • Sleep Timer shows time to sleep now
  • corner radius for small widgets
  • Repeat/Shuffle icons for 4×1 widget
  • quick settings tile
  • Hide Status Bar option now ignores cutouts in portrait
  • fix for Samsung Sound Assistant “Change step volume” option
  • playlist export now can export file based playlists as well
  • new Load custom .so library option
    Uni build only
  • more fixes for Android 11 beta
  • other bug fixes and stability improvements

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