Poweramp v3 build-871

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Builds 867-871:

  • Hi-Res output support for Snapdragon 865 based devices
  • new Follow Day/Night Mode option
    Android 9+
  • scan performance improvements for Android 10+
  • new Increase Resolution option
  • new Migrate Data to Android 10 option
    Helps with the album art cache migration if Poweramp is reinstalled
  • Settings Export/Import now also exports/imports reverb presets
  • track menu slight reorganization
    Added Genre navigation, menu is now 1 line smaller
  • new User Agent option
    Used for streaming
  • improved gapless for iTunes mp3s
  • Poweramp API improvements
  • new Never Clear On Add option
  • Main Screen Button option for Chromecast Button
  • Import System Playlists now work on Android 10
  • new API Compatibility option
  • Poweramp now pauses on USB disconnection in Android Auto mode
  • long press on Navbar Equalizer button opens presets menu
    Only for quick preset selection
  • improved LHDC/HWA codec detection
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates
    Added Dutch
    Big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!

Builds 861-866:

  • duration/year metadata for the Albums from: Artists, Album Artists, Genres, Years, Composers
  • new Misc / Shutdown Intent option
  • selectable folder/file for Settings Export/Import
    Android 6+. System wide storage providers, such as Google Drive, are also supported
  • new Crossfade shuffled songs option
  • songs “Sort by Artist” also sorts by Album now
  • Poweramp API and Skin improvements:
    API for Poweramp settings, sleep timer. Support for the intent target activity and broadcast receiver.
    Support for skin settings pages/categories/seekbar options and other new skin features
  • experimental 3rd party track services/providers plugin API support
    Providers added via new + button in Music Folders dialog
  • Android R preview support
    Multiple root folders for same storage can be added via new + button in Music Folders dialog
  • new File Access Legacy Mode option
    For not fully compatible Android variants
  • improved Folders Hierarchy parent folder info/removed Short folder names option
  • fixed shuffle order for the newly scanned tracks
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates

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