Poweramp v3 build-853

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 Build 853:

  • hot fix for playlist battery usage issue
  • added Romanian, Slovak
    Big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!

Build 850-852:

  • Show On Lock Screen support for Android 10 (requires permission)
  • Samsung Android 10 beta support
  • stream genre/description metadata in Info/Tags dialog
  • folders By path (case sensitive) sorting
  • fix for Hi-Res on Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • fixes for some Android 5.0 ROMs / custom ROMs
  • other bug fixes
  • translations updates
    Big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!

Build 842-849:

  • search in Settings
  • new No Reshuffle option
  • new Alternative Font option
    The font is scalable according to the device text size settings
  • added new fonts for widgets
  • Audio info dialog improvements
  • new 5 stars (menu/lists only) option
  • new Icon options
  • various small tweaks for Android 10
  • balanced output support for FiiO
  • Hi-Res support for iBasso DX150
  • Hi-Res support for Xiaomi A3, Redmi K20 Pro
  • Hi-Res support for Redmi Note 8 Pro via new MTK Hi-Fi variant
  • multichannel DTS/DCA support
  • external storages support for ChromeOS and few other polishings
  • new Also use for (playlist/artist/composers) option in Album Art dialog
    Allows selecting image for the category
  • experimental support for http(s) streams in m3u playlists
    Streams are visible in and playable from Playlists/Most Played/Recently Added/Recently Played/Top Rated/Low Rated/Queue categories
    Tag Encoding option is used for non-unicode stream metadata
  • new Network Stream Timeout option
  • new Always Use UTF-8 for .m3u option
  • improved split-screen layout for the main UI
  • selectable sorting in Add to Playlist
  • new Emulate Media Stream (for Hi-Res output) option
  • lyrics search via QuickLyric
  • new Navigate to the Folders option
  • translations updates

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