Poweramp v3 build-820

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Build 820:

  • translation updates – big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Build 819:

  • visualization presets now can be unliked
    • Press preset thumb until unliked or just long press it
  • new Visualization / Hide Unliked Presets option
  • changed the way sub-Albums are shuffled via Shuffle button in the header
    • The target category Albums are played first.
      Applied to Artists, Album Artists, Genres, Composers
  • new Library / Lists / Shuffle Category Songs option
  • further polishings for Assistant
    • Phrases like “Play top rated playlist (in Poweramp)” now work not just in Auto voice search, but in Assistant too
  • better line-out detection
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Build 818:

  • loosened “focused” search for Assistant
    • For cases when e.g. Album can’t be matched exactly. Last search request is now visible in Headset/Bluetooth / Last Processed Commands
  • fixed covers for some mp3 tracks
    • Requires a Full Rescan
  • improved single-button BT headsets handling on Pie
  • clickable links in Changelog
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Build 817:

  • Android Auto support
    • Until Google approves it, requires Unknown sources in Auto app developer settings
  • improved support for Google Assistant
    • For example, “Play Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons”. Depends on language / Assistant support for the language
  • improved support for all other apps utilizing MediaSession/MediaBrowser Android APIs
    • E.g. Wear apps
  • new Misc / Android Auto options
  • List Options / List – Compact zoom level for Artists, Composers, Genres, Playlists
  • List Options / By shuffle order for tracks
    • Matches the order of songs in shuffle modes
  • playlist widget with shuffle option
  • clickable links in Info/Tags, Audio Info
  • Samsung @ Pie support
    • Wired – no DVC with sample rates above 48kHz, BT/USB DAC – DVC + Hi-Res supported
  • better support for some (broken) mp3 tags
    • Requires Full Rescan
  • new Hi-Res Output / Sample Rate / Defined by the device option for BT/USB DAC outputs
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

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