Poweramp v2.0.8-build-525




– build-525: improved volume handling during notifications
– build-525: improved compatibility with some 3rd party skins
– build-525: fixed issue with pausing on screen on/off on some Samsungs
– build-525: fixed issue with some widgets crashing in landscape on Android 2.x
– build-524: fixed issue with 3rd party skins flashing
– Route Media action bar button to change active audio output (Android 4.1.2+)
– Android 4.2+ lockscreen widget support
– improved widgets and widget configuration
– improved call/BT handling during connection/disconnection
– MusicFX API support (Settings=>Audio=>Advanced Tweaks), useful for Sony devices with custom MusicFX & some CM ROMs
– Huawei Dolby Mobile support (where available on Huawei devices, like Ascend P1)
– full support for paid skins on JB+
– better ogg buffer management to avoid skips on Samsungs @ 4.1+
– more accurate crossfade/fading handling
– experimental multiwindow support for Samsungs
– optional Poweramp lockscreen rotation (large screens)
– aiff id3v2 embed art
– fixed/improved fast scroll in lists/grids
– fix for playlist/library being reset sometimes when storage is unmounted and in few other cases
– fixed Replay Gain for ogg
– updated localizations. Huge thanks to all crowdin.net translators!
– Hungarian (Gyula Király, Szilard Kovacs, Gyula Juhász, Bence Ujj, Szaby59, attila.kovacs.908132)
– Dutch (wsnel57, Naxiz)
– updated Italian (Carlo369)
– updated Chinese Traditional (Fu Chun Hsu)
– Bulgarian (Dimitar Dimitrov, donjo, WizardBGR, efgenni)
– Chinese Simplified (Cye3s, 琳 曹, 吴天豪, F.T.A)
– Czech (Ghull, karanco, Jan Havlík, Michal, Dominik Matus, Inkvizition, jiri.havelka1, exabyte55242, kutead, Ondřej Šisle, and 29 others)
– Danish (chreddy, John Hansen)
– French (Fauque Benoit, Sceap, tictac, Rose, Frédéric Michel, Fr33lancer, Sebastien Grapain, AsTro, and others)
– German (Vincent T., Saintscar, Stefan Druwe)
– Hebrew (benjo24, elyashiv_sabach, עמרי עטייה, Yoel IL, Aviad Aviad, kavkatan, Yogev Haham, gadiheiman, ron razo)
– Japanese ("sunatomo", kik0220)
– Polish (Povilas Grebliunas)
– Portuguese, Brazilian (Vinicius Camargo, Leandro Rodrigues de Sales, Eduardo Bertin, Rodrigo Damasceno, marcellocord)
– Romanian (Andrei Sângeorzan)
– Korean (David Cho, WhiteClover)
– Russian (Ka3u6y6a)
– Spanish (maxelo, Jose Martin)
– Swedish (Timmy Fox)
– Slovak (Maťo, marttin, wupuchim, profile.trololol)
– Turkish (sonysinger, elmasevmem, rserdar, Oğuzcan, KBD, Kaan Aurora, Sezer B.)
– Ukrainian (rapkonig, Ka3u6y6a)
– few other issues fixed

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