Poweramp v2.0.7-build-515




– build 515: fixed issue with menu on some Android 4.2 devices
– build 513: polished notifications for S3@JB
– build 511, 512: small stability fix
– build 510: fixed issue crash on resume when Poweramp process is killed
– build 509: new “rich” notification support for Jelly Beans (Android 4.1)
– build 509: improved .wav and .wma support
– build 509: audio in .flv
– build 509: Music Folders selection can be 10 levels deep now
– build 509: fixed missing last song in iso.wv
– build 509: various optimizations – optimized startup on some devices, smaller APK size, new compiler toolchain for native code
– build 509: few other improvements and bug fixes
– build 508: fixed issue with HTC Sensation XL @ ICS
– build 508: smoother post-notification resume
– build 508: some bluetooth track info support (where supported by device/stock player – Motorolas and Samsungs). Optional album/artist can be included into title for title-displaying-only BT devices (Settings/Misc/Tweaks)
– build 508: Direct Volume Control is disabled by default for LG 2X (P990) – this is the only known android device which doesn’t send volume changed event to apps (ROM bug?), thus volume change is not possible when Poweramp is not on foreground

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