Poweramp v2.0.5-build-488


– build-488: fixed issue with silent exit after device firmware update
– build-488: updated translations (thanks to “天外来客bin”, Cye3s, Timmy Fox)
– build-487: fixed issue with SRS button overlap on some custom ROMs
– build-487: toned StereoX down a bit
– build-487: balance knob is less sensitive now
– build-487: added equ reset confirmation
– build-487: added option not to pause on calls
– build-487: added ability to re-skin all Poweramp screens
– build-487: fixed few translations issues (thanks to Budi Pang, "Cye3s")
– build-487: fixed issue with some CUEs not being processed
– build-487: added detection for broken Unlocker
– build-487: few other bug fixes and stability improvements

– build-484: when folder is played from Folders, Advance List mode is enabled only for hierarchy mode
– build-484: fixed DHD button for custom ROMs which support both new and old HTC effects
– build-483: fixed issue with Classic Skin
– build-482: HTC Beats is now auto-disabled for A2DP
– build-482: fixed wma pro and various non-16/44.1/48 formats
– build-482: fixed widget issue
– build-481: workaround for ICS 4.0.3+ notification background bug
– build-481: Swedish translation (big thanks to Timmy Fox)
– build-481: improved compatibility with some custom ROMs
– build-481: retuned old API DHD effects for Android 2.3
– build-481: Simplified Chinese not applied anymore for Traditional Chinese system language
– build-480: ICS lock screen support
– build-480: Android 3.0+ notification controls
– build-480: Chinese translation (beta, big thanks to i-Free Company)
– build-478: Japanese translation (big thanks to “sunatomo”)
– build-477: fixed issue with installation on Android 3.0
– build-477: Polish translation (thanks to Blazej Jezewski)
– HTC Beats/SRS support
– enabled DSP features are now displayed under equalizer curve
– Poweramp now reshuffles list on repeat
– fixed few ICS-related Poweramp issues
– multichannel FLACs
– option to search for album art based on just title/filename
– Korean translation (big thanks to David Cho)
– few other bug fixes and stability improvements

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