Poweramp v2.0.2 build-463



– build-463: improved m4a support on non-NEON devices
– build-462: fixed issues with cover images in folders/albums on Android 3.0+
– build-462: improved album art thumbs resolution for Androids 3.0 tablets
– build-461: restored ability to change Album list thumbs by manual album art selection
– build-460: fixed issue with the last track reset on headset connection
– build-459: stability improvements (fixed few f/c)
– build-458: fixed issues with disappearing playlists/rescan on SGS2
– main external storage is now set as Music Folder by default
– added support for folders/library auto-update on music download or MTP transfers
– added option for folders/library scan on Poweramp start
– main screen panels are now visible by default
– main screen shuffle/repeat icons are now visible and touchable by default
– fixed issue with some cover images in folders
– fixed issue with Music Folders selection dialog
– fixed issue with lists on Android 3.0+
– fixed issue with playlist reorder icon
– uninitialized widgets are now transparent instead of white
– other bug fixes and stability improvements

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