Poweramp (v1.0, Trial, build-204) is now available on Market

Changelog for build-204:
– Poweramp is now smarter about resuming playing if headset is disconnected during the call
– option to force screen orientation
– Select Folders button in Folders list if folders are not set yet or empty
– option to use double press instead of long press for headset
– changlog is now available in Settings/About
– option to move lock widget to top
– option to unlock directly to home screen
– option to hide status bar for lock screen
– option to make widget background transparent
– option to hide status bar for Poweramp
– option to force English language

Known issues:
– long mp3 tracks (hour+) can be slow to seek for first time
– HTC Tattoo can lag on APE files
– Samsung I9000/GalaxyS – on phone reboot, “Installing native library” toast can appear

– bug: some files caused artifacts if being played and their tags were edited
– few F/C fixed
– better error reporting
– better support for album art files in folders
– bug: volume_id problem when card is re-formatted
– bug: lockscreen appearing too late
– bug: equalizer amplification for low gain values
– bug: ape sometimes crashed player
– other minor bug and stability fixes

Changes for build-113:
– Last.fm/Libre.fm scrobbling via Simple Last.fm or Scrobble Droid
– album art downloader
– lock screen “widget”
– two new widgets: 4×1 and 4×2, both with album art
– new White Plastic skin
– ape and wv support
– genres
– option to pause when headset is disconnected
– long click headset button for next track
– added “send errors to developer”
– Artist list now navigates to Artist Albums
– option to disable album art animation
– even better cpu consumption when Poweramp is in background
– eq presets changed a bit, reduced eq thumb step
– track+title/title/track sorting for album/artist songs
– option to use Library as primary list
– better track seeking near 0:00
– reset track playing position to 0:00 by clicking elasped time
– disabled MusicFolders creation by default
– samsung galaxy s 2.2 sd card mount point support

Fixes for build-113:
– bug: accidental bass changes when volume knob is rotated
– bug: artist/album add to playlist action
– bug: FC on 2.1 for set as ringtone action
– better support for system library album art
– files from root music folders are now scanned/added to db
– bug: long tracks are not properly seeked
– bug: flac bitrate is wrong
– no “scan finished” toast anymore, if Poweramp is not active
– bug: tag can’t be edited for flac and some other formats
– bug: some mp3s have background noise
– bug: when Poweramp is started from 3rd party file manager, tags are not read
– fixed issue with help not readable if no internet connection
– other minor bug and stability fixes

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