Features (v2)

Main Screen

  • Poweramp main screen has large album art, sensitive to touches/gestures
  • Poweramp will automatically search and download missing album art (if such option is enabled in settings), or it will look in containing folder for appropriate image
  • long press on album art area opens Select Album Art screen
  • there are additional list-switching buttons, which navigate to the previous/next folder/album/artist/playlist, etc.
  • mini-display area below controls can be pressed/long-pressed to navigate to Now Playing selection
  • V3 builds add audio info with detailed audio processing information

Equalizer and Tone

  • 10 band graphical equalizer
  • PREAMP control
  • optimized for NEON SIMD (if supported by phone CPU)
  • works for any supported format and for bluetooth A2DP headset
  • separate Tone controls – low pass Bass and high pass Treble
  • 16 presets to start with, custom user created presets
  • presets can be assigned either to specific output (speaker, wired headset, bluetooth headset), or to songs, or even to whole album/folder/playlist/etc.
  • V3 builds add tempo controls, reverb effect
  • V3 builds support Hi-Res Output (where supported by the device)

Folders and System Library

  • Poweramp can play songs from pre-selected Folders or from own Library
  • choose any number of 1st level (root) folders from SD card or internal memory (where available)
  • Poweramp internal folder scanner scans about 1000 songs in one second (depends on device and SD card speeds) – songs in Folders view are available for playing almost immediately after card mounting
  • Folders list can show either plain list of folders with music or folders hierarchy – select the mode which suits your best via menu => List Opts
  • Poweramp shows CUE files as virtual folders with multiple track entries in Folders list

Widgets and Lock Screen

  • Poweramp comes with 4×1, 2×2, 4×2, and 4×4+ configurable widgets
  • Lock Screen support is also provided
  • there is number of options available for Lock Screen fine-tuning
  • if you moved Poweramp to sd card, you can download/install free Poweramp Widgets Pack from Google Play which enables widgets for sd card installed Poweramp


  • Poweramp comes with 4 themes: Default, Aluminum, White Plastic, and Black Neon
  • more skins are available on Google Play


  • Poweramp has number of useful options and settings, allowing pretty high level of customization:
    • Startup Screen selection
    • Themes
    • Various Crossfade/Fade/Gapless options
    • Music Folders selection
    • Various advanced Folder options, like system scanner disabler or non-unicode tag encoding selection
    • Sorting for folders/files/system library songs
    • Album art options: animation, download options
    • List item/menu click options
    • Headset
    • Scrobbling
    • Lock Screen customization
    • Advanced Tweaks, like Audio Buffer Size, Audio Focus Change options
    • Various Look and Feel tweaks, like screen orientation, Status Bar options, etc.