Poweramp build-572




– fixed issues with some files crashing Poweramp tag reader
– few other minor fixes

– 571: fixed issue with folder images not always detected/shown
– 572: few minor fixes
– 570: fixed issue with Genre tag sometimes not recognized (please use Full Rescan to fix if affected)
– 569: few minor fixes
– fixed widgets sometimes failing to be added on Nexus5@Lollipop
– fixed few crashes on Lollipop
– fixed skinned menu on Lollipop
– build for Intel (build-860569)
– 567: fixed issue with widgets on Lollipop after reboot
– 567: fixed crash due to the missing Samsung libs on some Samsung devices
– 566: support for Samsung Note4 Edge screen
– 566: few fixes and small improvements
– 565: optimizations for large number of albums/folders in Albums/Folders lists and grids
– 565: improved image caching for the scrolling buttery in Albums/Folders lists (Android 4+, 3rd party skins may vary)
– 565: Music Folders selection dialog revamp/optimization for large storages
– 565: filter support for View As Grid
– 565: fixed crash for large number of albums with images for some CM variants
– 565: Poweramp doesn’t create .pamp files (folder thumbnails) anymore
– 565: better support for skins on Lollipop (skin updates may be required)
– 565: fixed/polished things for Lollipop in various areas
– 565: skinned dialogs now order buttons according to default platform order
– 565: few other fixes and small improvements

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