Poweramp v2.0.6-build-508


– build 508: fixed issue with HTC Sensation XL @ ICS
– build 508: smoother post-notification resume
– build 508: some bluetooth track info support (where supported by device/stock player – Motorolas and Samsungs). Optional album/artist can be included into title for title-displaying-only BT devices (Settings/Misc/Tweaks)
– build 508: Direct Volume Control is disabled by default for LG 2X (P990) – this is the only known android device which doesn’t send volume changed event to apps (ROM bug?), thus volume change is not possible when Poweramp is not on foreground
– build 507: polished widgets for various devices/ROMs
– build 507: stability improvements
– build 506: Meizu MX gets a bit higher audio thread priority by default
– build 506: fix for non-updated Android 3.0 ROMs
– build 505: recently added/recently played, most played, top rated lists now properly shuffled
– build 505: artist/albums now properly sorted during playing
– build 504: fixed some compatibility issues with ikorolkov’s skins
– build 504: even more workarounds for Meizu MX
– build 503: fixed Large widget for Samsung Galaxy Note @ ICS
– build 503: improved notification controls/optional << notification button
- build 503: added HTC Sound Enhancement support (HTC FX @ Tone/Vol screen, doesn't work on HTC One X)
- build 503: added workarounds for Meizu MX
- build 502: fixed issue with folders hierarchy/music folders selection
- build 502: updated translations
- build 502: updated 3rd party skin exports
- build 501: improved compatibility with 3rd party skins
- build 501: German translation (thanks to Vincent T.)
- build 501: Italian translation (thanks to Luigiantonio Calò)
- build 501: Spanish translation (thanks to Luis Gallón, Jose Martin)
- build 501: Chinese Traditional translation (thanks to Jane Zhang, KaiChing Chang)
- build 501: few other bug fixes and improvements
- HTC One X support
- added support for Dolby effect on HTC DHD@2.3
- settings revamp, Honeycomb/ICS optimized
- action bars support for Honeycomb/ICS
- additional action bars options for ICS
- improved build-in skins for tablets
- background folders scan
- additional scanning options
- BT resume/pause support (ICS)
- improved multiple storages scan (e.g. on SGS2)
- improved music folder selection
- folders/library layout improvements
- a bit sharper icons
- large widget now spans whole screen on Samsung Galaxy Note
- added workaround for rare Samsung CPU issue causing Poweramp crash (many thanks to Benji Hilario)
- fixed issue with list multiple selection (ICS)
- few other bug fixes and improvements

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